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Is CONVERGE™ a full CFD code or just a grid generation package?

CONVERGE™ is a full CFD code! We like to talk a lot about grids because we believe that our meshing strategy is superior to what is done in other codes. In CONVERGE™ all of the grid generation is done internally in its CFD solver, so as a user you never have to go through the painful process of generating a grid.

Is the grid generation process in CONVERGE™ really automatic?

Yes, it really is automatic. In fact, the user spends absolutely no time creating grids for CONVERGE™. All of the grid generation is performed internal to the CONVERGE™ solver (we call this “run-time grid generation”). As a result, highly complicated geometries with moving boundaries are just as easy to set up as simple geometries with stationary boundaries. Great care has been taken to minimize the CPU usage required for run-time grid generation. In fact, this process is so fast that the grid is recreated at the start of each computational time-step when necessary!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Am I sacrificing geometric accuracy by using automatic run-time grid generation?

You’re right, there is no such thing as a free lunch. In this case, we’re paying for your lunch! All of the complexity that a user would normally have to deal with when making a mesh has been taken out of your hands and is done at run-time using our innovative techniques. Sacrificing geometric accuracy? You’re actually gaining accuracy over codes that require a grid ahead of time because with CONVERGE™, adding resolution at the boundaries (i.e., through fixed embedding or adaptive mesh refinement) results in improved accuracy in near-wall flow predictions. With other codes the accuracy of the geometry is limited to the resolution of the original grid.

I really like the idea of not having to create a grid, but will I still have control over mesh resolution?

Absolutely! In fact, you have ultimate control since changing the global mesh resolution is as easy as changing the values of three numbers (dx, dy, dz) in the input files. Local mesh resolution can be added in specific areas for all or part of a simulation using our fixed embedding options. The locations of increased resolution can also be added automatically using our Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) option.

If I purchase CONVERGE™, do I have to pay extra for the SAGE detailed chemistry solver?

No, the SAGE detailed chemistry solver comes standard with CONVERGE™.

Can CONVERGE™ be used for applications other than engines?

Yes! CONVERGE™ is a general CFD code. It is especially powerful for complicated geometries with or without moving boundaries.

I would like to be able to add my own custom sub-models to CONVERGE™. Is this possible?

Yes, we offer packages that include limited source code to allow users to implement their own custom or proprietary models.

2. Licensing

I would like to use CONVERGE™ in my research at a university. Do you offer discounts for academic institutions?

We encourage the use of CONVERGE™ at universities. Please contact us directly for more information about using CONVERGE™ for your research projects.

Are trial licenses available for CONVERGE™?

Yes, please contact us for more information on how to obtain CONVERGE™ trial licenses.

3. Installation

What are the requirements to run CONVERGE™?

Currently CONVERGE™ is available for Linux (x86), IBM AIX, and Windows. In addition, if you are interested in running parallel computations, your installed parallel interface must be MPI-1 compatible. If you are interested in running CONVERGE™ on a platform not listed here, please contact us.

Can I do a local installation of CONVERGE™?

Yes, you do not need administrative privileges to install CONVERGE™ on our supported Unix platforms. You do, however, need administrative privileges to install CONVERGE™ on Windows systems.

4. Convergent Science

Did your company used to be called Convergent Thinking, LLC?

Yes, we changed our name to Convergent Science when we incorporated in 2007.

Are you available for consulting projects?

Yes. Convergent Science has been providing high-quality, cost-effective consulting to our clients for over ten years. And with CONVERGE™ we are able to do consulting projects at an even lower cost since grid generation time (typically a major portion of the cost of a CFD project) is not included. This results in an enormous savings for our clients. Please contact us to request a quote for your project.

5. SAGE Chemistry Solver

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