Convergent Science

CONVERGE™ Advantage

CONVERGE™ Can Increase Productivity and Accuracy Simultaneously

  • Written by engine simulation experts to address the deficiencies of other CFD codes.
  • Uses run-time grid generation so the user spends no time creating grids.
  • Moving boundaries are as easy to include in simulations as stationary boundaries. As a result, including moving valves, for example, does not add any additional setup time.
  • Uses a structured, Cartesian mesh for increased accuracy.
  • Allows for very easy grid resolution studies, which can be critical for obtaining accurate results.
  • The actual geometry information is stored so that increased resolution at boundaries results in a more accurate geometric representation. In other words, no geometric features are lost from the original surface definition as output from CAD.
  • Transient “grid scale” feature can be used to automatically scale the entire grid on-the-fly or at predetermined times. This is very useful, for example, during the compression portion of the cycle where decreased resolution may be adequate.
  • Fixed grid embedding can be used to add resolution where necessary, such as near nozzles or boundaries. This fixed embedding can be activated and deactivated at any time in the simulation.
  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) can be applied to the velocity field and/or any scalar field (e.g., temperature) to automatically increase resolution where needed. A maximum number of cells can be specified by the user to keep run-times reasonable. In this case, the AMR algorithm will prioritize and add resolution where it is needed most.
  • The SAGE detailed chemistry solver is included for no extra charge. This allows users to include detailed chemistry in their calculations in a very cost-effective way.
  • Advanced sub-models for sprays, wall film, turbulence, ignition, combustion and emissions are included.
  • Fully parallelized with automatic domain decomposition and excellent speedup.
  • One CFD code can be used for all of your IC engine applications. There is no need to “map” between different codes or use different codes for different types of IC engines.
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