Convergent Science

Diesel Engines

CONVERGE™ is ideally suited for simulating Diesel engines and is used by engine manufacturers such as Caterpillar Inc. Features such as easy inclusion of complex and moving geometries, adaptive mesh refinement, and a suite of state-of-the-art spray and combustion models makes CONVERGE™ the ideal CFD code for all of your IC Engine applications.

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With CONVERGE™, full engine simulations can be performed without the need for mapping between different codes. The image below shows the velocity field during the intake stroke for a small bore, high speed direct injection Diesel engine.

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Sometimes it is desired to only simulate a portion of the combustion chamber for computational efficiency. The video below illustrates a Diesel engine combustion simulation performed in one-sixth of the combustion chamber. Colors represent the temperature field.

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It is critical to have accurate spray models and adequate mesh resolution if engine simulations are to be predictive. The video below illustrates a combusting Diesel spray simulation using adaptive mesh refinement. Colors represent the temperature field.

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