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Natural Gas Engines

CONVERGE™ CFD Software is widely used to simulate the flow and combustion found within high efficiency/low emissions natural gas engines (with and without prechambers). When a prechamber is present, it can either be fueled or passive. CONVERGE™ is a valuable tool to study the mixing, efficiency, knocking, combustion, and extending the lean limit and emissions associated with modern natural gas engines.

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The combustion is readily considered using the SAGE detailed chemistry solver which comes standard within CONVERGE™. With this approach, the user can specify any reaction mechanism they like, without any limit in the number of reactions or species. The multi-zone chemistry solver (implemented into CONVERGE™ via a collaboration with LLNL) can be used to decrease the run time associated with detailed chemistry simulations. Furthermore, Convergent Science Inc’s mechanism reduction technologies can eliminate unimportant reactions and species to achieve the desired balance of accuracy and run time.

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Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) is often used to refine the mesh in key areas (such as regions where the velocity and/or temperature gradients are large). AMR is a powerful tool to maximize accuracy while minimizing run times via placing mesh resolution where it is most needed. AMR is often used with SAGE to resolve the expanding fireball (and subsequent jet flow out of the prechamber if one exists).

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With the elimination of all user meshing time and an arsenal of physical models, CONVERGE™ is a powerful tool which can assist in the design of cleaner more fuel efficient natural gas engines.

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