Convergent Science


CONVERGE is ideally suited to simulate applications containing complicated geometries with or without moving boundaries. CONVERGE always generates the mesh automatically at runtime, thus eliminating all user meshing time. If there are moving boundaries, CONVERGE simply makes a new mesh every timestep, making such applications very quick and easy to model.

The motion of the moving boundaries can either be specified a-priori or determined by using the new fluid-structure interaction (FSI) feature in CONVERGE. In this, the fluid forces are integrated and the motion of the boundary is calculated during the simulation, fully coupled to the flow. External forces like spring resistance can easily be accommodated.

One such application which highlights the power of CONVERGE is a reciprocating compressor (show animations below). Here, the motion of both the rotating reed valve as well as the piston are determined automatically using the FSI capabilities. Also shown is  Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) adding meshing in key regions of the flow.



Also applicable to a scroll compressor.

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