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CONVERGE™ Studio with Integrated EnSight Post-Processor Released


October 7, 2013 – Convergent Science Inc. announces its release of CONVERGE™ Studio 2.1 with the integration of EnSight post processing. This long awaited integration comes as CONVERGE™ continues to expand it’s utilization in more diverse application areas. “The benefit of an automated mesh with Adaptive Mesh Refinement continues to prove its superiority in the CAE community. Adding mesh when and where it is needed at runtime has proven to be the most effective CFD modeling technique in the engine community and people outside of that community are now starting to take notice as well. The integration of CEI’s EnSight into CONVERGE™ Studio 2.1 will allow both the engine community and non-engine communities to better visualize their results without the need to purchase add-on post processing software” states Rob Kaczmarek, Director of Sales and Marketing at Convergent Science, Inc.

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CONVERGE™ is an innovative CFD software that automates the meshing at runtime with a perfectly orthogonal Cartesian mesh, eliminating the need for a user defined mesh. This combined with its Adaptive Mesh Refinement technology allows for easy analysis of complex geometries and moving boundaries. CONVERGE™ is also equipped with extremely fast and efficient detailed chemistry, an extensive set of physical sub-models, a genetic algorithm optimization module, and fully automated parallelization.

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