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CONVERGE™ Used in Department of Energy Funded Research Projects


The Department of Energy held its 2013 annual merit review and peer evaluation meeting in Washington, DC on May 14th. As seen below, CONVERGE™ software was extensively used by leading researchers in engine design. Convergent Science, Inc. invests heavily in providing physical models within CONVERGE™ and will continue to contribute to R&D projects which involve creating more fuel efficient engines for the global marketplace.

Below are some highlighted proceedings from the meeting:


Advancement in Fuel Spray and Combustion Modeling for Compression Ignition Engine


Sibendu Som et al, Argonne National Laboratory


Computationally Efficient Modeling of High Efficiency Clean Combustion Engines

Daniel Flowers et al, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Improved Solvers for Advanced Engine Combustion Simulation

M. J. McNenly et al, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Accelerating predictive simulation of IC engines with high performance computing

Stuart Daw et al, Oak Ridge National Lab


High Efficiency GDI Engine Research with Emphasis on Ignition Systems DOE Sponsor:

Thomas Wallner et al, Argonne National Lab


Next Generation Ultra Lean Burn Powertrain

Hugh Blaxill et al, MAHLE Powertrain


A MultiAir / MultiFuel Approach to Enhancing Engine System Efficiency

Ronald A. Reese et al, Chrysler


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