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Convergent Science Partners with IDAJ in Asia


Convergent Science, Inc. and IDAJ Enter a Strategic Agreement to Distribute CONVERGE™ CFD Software in Japan, Korea and China.

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March 1, 2013

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Convergent Science, Inc. and IDAJ Co., LTD are pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic distribution agreement. Effective March 1st 2013, IDAJ, one of the largest and most respected CAE/CFD organizations in Asia, will distribute and support CONVERGE CFD software in Japan, Korea and China.

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CONVERGE CFD software automatically generates a body fitted grid at run-time, thus completely eliminating all user meshing time even for applications with moving boundaries. CONVERGE CFD is widely used for in-cylinder engine flow, spray and combustion modeling. Besides IC engines, the accuracy and productivity benefits of CONVERGE CFD can be applied to many other applications wherever meshing automation is desired and advanced physical models for turbulence, spray and combustion are required.

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Chingzou Hsu, President of IDAJ Co. Ltd said “We are delighted to be working with Convergent Science Inc in their quest to provide the next generation CFD code, CONVERGE. From our more than 20 years experience in CFD business, we firmly believe that CONVERGE is definitely the best in class CFD code particularly for in cylinder engine simulation. We are looking forward to working with Convergent Science, Inc. to provide our customers the best tool and highest level of technical support.”

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Dr. Daniel Lee, Vice President of Convergent Science, Inc. said: “We are thrilled to be working with IDAJ. They were a natural choice as a partner with their extensive experience in CFD modeling and well established relationships with engineering firms in the Far East. We are looking forward to adding IDAJ to our existing network of distributors. This assures that the benefits of CONVERGE™ CFD technology be available coupled with the highest level of technical support to the very important Far East market. This agreement will continue with Convergent Science, Inc.’s commitment to partnering with the best organizations, hiring the highest quality employees and providing industry leading CFD technology.”

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About IDAJ Co. LTD

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IDAJ Co., LTD is an independent services and support operation with over 70 CFD engineers complementing their total staff count of 180. The organization has numerous offices throughout Japan and China. Besides CFD, IDAJ Co., LTD also provides technical support and engineering consulting services covering broad CAE domains including FEA, Optimization, and 1D simulation.

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About Convergent Science, Inc. 

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Convergent Science, Inc. specializes in multi-dimensional modeling of internal combustion engines and has developed CONVERGE CFD software, which is widely used in the engine design community. In addition to generating a high quality orthogonal and body fitted mesh automatically at run-time, CONVERGE also adjusts the grid density automatically to resolve gradients using an approach called Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR).

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CONVERGE is loaded with the physical models for spray, turbulence (including LES) and combustion (including the SAGE detailed chemistry solver) needed to accurately model any engine type including spark ignited, Diesel, natural gas, dual fuel, PCCI and HCCI. CONVERGE CFD runs great in parallel (including on massively parallel environments). CONVERGE CFD also comes standard with CONGO for genetic algorithm CFD optimization.

Besides internal combustion engine modeling, CONVERGE CFD software holds great potential for other applications as well.

Use CONVERGE and never make a mesh again!



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