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CONVERGE™ Used to Model Engine Knock in SAE Magazine


Abnormal combustion is an important issue to consider in the design of spark ignited engines. Knocking is one type of abnormal combustion involving the spontaneous ignition of the end gases ahead of the flame and the subsequent transmission of pressure waves throughout the combustion chamber.  It can cause engine damage, result in significant noise and negatively affect performance.  Knocking can occur in any spark ignited engine, yet can be especially prevalent in modern down-sized boosted engines.

CONVERGE™ CFD software is ideally suited to model IC engine spray, turbulence, combustion and emission formation for cases with and without knocking.  The following article from SAE Magazine outlines recent developments related to knock modeling with CONVERGE™: Finding the virtual knock limit – SAE Magazine

More information on CONVERGE™ and knocking can be found by visiting our Knocking Prediction section. 



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