Convergent Science

CONVERGE™ Featured in In Business Madison: Made in Dane


Convergent Science is honored to be recognized as a Dane County “Made in Dane” business in this month’s In Business Magazine. From the magazine:


“Dane County is not known as a hotbed of manufacturing, but its communities rely on a surprising number of blue-collar jobs. In that spirit, In Business presents its second annual Made in Dane feature, which touts unique products (and in some cases remade products) manufactured by businesses in Dane County, or companies headquartered elsewhere that thought so much of our local work ethic that they decided to locate a manufacturing facility here. 

Education, health care, life sciences, and information technology firms dominate the local business pages, and rightfully so. With our Made in Dane feature, manufacturing takes center stage. If the product was designed here, put together here, or both, we consider it Made in Dane.”


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