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Convergent Science integrates the Representative Interactive Flamelet combustion model of Advanced Combustion GmbH into CONVERGE™


Convergent Science Inc. has announced that it has integrated the Representative Interactive Flamelet (RIF v4.0) model of Advanced Combustion GmbH into the CONVERGE™ CFD software. RIF can be used to model the ignition, combustion and emissions within a diffusion flame, such as those found within a Diesel engine. RIF maps the multidimensional flame front to one dimensional flamelet equations based upon mixture fraction. This decoupling of chemical and turbulent time scales greatly reduces the computational expense associated with combustion modeling. RIF 4.0 allows for multiple flamelets and multiple spray injections. RIF 4.0 also has been optimized to run more efficiently in parallel and now makes use of the analytical evaluation of the Jacobian matrix.

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Dr. Daniel Lee, Vice President at Convergent Science stated “We are very pleased to integrate RIF 4.0 into CONVERGE. This will offer our users more options for modeling combustion from which they can choose the desired tradeoff of accuracy and speed. Advanced Combustion GmbH has a proven track record of producing cutting edge combustion models and we are excited to offer this technology to our users.”

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Dr. Norbert Peters, CEO of Advanced Combustion commented “The collaboration with the people from Convergent Science in implementing RIF v4.0 into the Converge code was what we had expected from them: professional and efficient. It has been a pleasure to work with them.”

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CONVERGE™ is an innovative CFD software that automates the meshing at runtime with a perfectly orthogonal Cartesian mesh, eliminating the need for a user defined mesh. This combined with its Adaptive Mesh Refinement technology allows for easy analysis of complex geometries and moving boundaries. CONVERGE™ is also equipped with extremely fast and efficient detailed chemistry, an extensive set of physical sub-models, a genetic algorithm optimization module, and fully automated parallelization.

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