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CONVERGE™ Technical Papers Featured at ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division’s 2013 Fall Technical Conference


Listed below are the papers in which CONVERGE™ was highlighted and presented at ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division’s 2013 Fall Technical Conference in Dearborn, Michigan on October 13th through 16th. 

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Authors include: Cameron Compression Systems, Argonne National Laboratory, Caterpillar, Sandia National Laboratory, Chrysler Group LLC, General Motors, University of Perugia Italy, Mississippi State University, Carnegie Melon University and Cummins

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ICEF2013-19018 – Assessment of Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) Models for Engine Type Flows: Effect of Model Type and Grid Size

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ICEF2013-19043 – RANS and LES of IC Engine Flows – A Comparative Study

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ICEF2013-19082 – Large Eddy Simulation of Vaporizing Sprays Considering Multi-Injection Averaging and Grid-Convergent Mesh Resolution

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ICEF2013-19093 – Comparison of Mixture and Multi-Fluid Models for In-Nozzle Cavitation Prediction

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ICEF2013-19094 – Comparison of Different Chemical Kinetic Models for Biodiesel Combustion

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ICEF2013-19129 – Predictions of Transient Flame Lift-Off Length With Comparison to Single-Cylinder Optical Engine Experiments

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ICEF2013-19138 – Virtual Design of an Industrial, Large-Bore, Spark-Ignited, Natural Gas, Internal Combustion Engine for Reduction of Regulated Pollutant Emissions

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ICEF2013-19141 – Modern Design Methods Applied to the Redesign of a Legacy Large Bore, Two-Stroke Cycle, Spark Ignited Gas Engine

ICEF2013-19167 – Validation of a Three-Dimensional Internal Nozzle Flow Model Including Automatic Mesh Generation and Cavitation Effects

ICEF2013-19170 – Numerical Study of the Combustion Characteristics of a Diesel Micro Pilot Ignited DI Gasoline Engine with Turbocharging and Cooled EGR

ICEF2013-19178 – Computational Analysis of Combustion of High and Low Cetane Fuels in a Compression Ignition Engine

ICEF2013-19216 – Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Reforming HCCI Combustion

ICEF2013-19227 – Comparison of 1-D vs 3-D Combustion Boundary Conditions for SI Engine Thermal Load Prediction


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