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CONVERGE™ is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code that completely eliminates the user time needed to generate a mesh through an innovative run-time mesh generation technique. Because of this, CONVERGE™:

  • allows moving boundaries to be handled completely automatically
  • eliminates the deforming mesh issues typically associated with moving boundaries
  • allows for perfectly orthogonal cells resulting in improved accuracy and simplified numerics
  • maintains the true geometry, independent of the mesh resolution

Our Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) technology is a fully customizable technique that refines the mesh at run-time automatically where it is needed.  You will never again have to guess where to add resolution ahead of time. AMR increases accuracy while decreasing run-times by using more mesh where it’s needed and less where it’s not.

Our detailed chemistry solver SAGE and our pioneering Genetic Algorithm optimization tool CONGO are also included in CONVERGE™.

Visit our Downloads page for brochures and papers.



CONVERGE™ in the cloud is now available to small to midsize companies and larger companies with overflow. This allows for users to experience the power of CONVERGE™ on a pay-per-use basis without any of the overhead costs associated with a large scale computational cluster. 


CONVERGE Lite logo

With CONVERGE™ Lite, GT-SUITE users can take advantage of the power of the CONVERGE™ workflow at no extra cost.  Through a partnership with Gamma Technologies and Convergent Science, CONVERGE™ Lite is now available as a standard, fully embedded feature in GT-SUITE.


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